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Welcome to the Sneezefic list archive! As the list is for the posting of sneezing fetish fiction and fanfiction, this site houses all the fic posted to the list unless otherwise indicated by the author. The archive is mainly male oriented, but all types of fiction are welcome. NB: there is a fair bit of slash fic in this archive. Please take note of the warnings and ratings before reading. If you are bothered by same sex relationships depicted in fiction, or are under legal age in your country, leave now.

There are currently 75 authors and 500 stories.
Last updated: December 19, 2009

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Legalese: All original works of fiction are copyright their repective contributors, and may not be removed, reproduced, or distributed without the express permission of the author. All characters, names, places, and situations are copyright their repective owners. This is a non-profit fan site and no infringement is intended.

Hatching of Plot Bunnies
Looking for some inspiration or ideas for a story to write? Have a great story idea you can't write yourself? Visit the Hatching of Plot Bunnies for a long list of bunnies or to submit your own. There are new plot bunnies announced twice a week.

Sneezefic Challenges
Organized and run annually by A and tarotgal, there is a separate archive for each challenge- annual challenges, themed challenges, and special event challenges. All responses are archived separately from the normal sneezefic archive. Visit the Sneezefic Challenges site for all the fun.
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