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This is an ongoing list of all additions and changes made to the archive.

December 19th, 2009--

Total New: 3 stories (3 fanfiction)

-Added Bedside Manner by nichtgesund
-Added Fate by Niki
-Added Irony by tarotgal

November 27th, 2009--

Total New: 22 stories (20 fanfiction, 2 fiction), 2 authors

-Added A's Request 2007 by tarotgal
-Added Barrie's Request 2007 by tarotgal
-Added Bittersweet by VATERGrrl
-Added Choices by Niki
-Added Coming Together by Niki
-Added For tarotgal by Symphonyflute
-Added Giving In by SunSprite3
-Added I'm Not Going Anywhere by Niki
-Added Ice Time by Alexis
-Added Making a Fuss by Dusty14
-Added The Poisoned Well by Superimmunegirl
-Added Rivalry and Understanding by Gayle
-Added Snowshie's Request 2007 by tarotgal
-Added Someone Should Say Something by tarotgal
-Added Symphonyflute's Request 2007 by tarotgal
-Added That's What Friends Are For by Dawn
-Added Tina's Request 2007 by tarotgal
-Added Untitled by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Untitled by nichtgesund
-Added The Way Out by Superimmunegirl
-Added The Worst by Niki
-Added You Owe Me by Niki

August 1st, 2009--

Total New: 15 stories (14 fanfiction, 1 fiction), 1 author

-Added A Good Sport by VATERGRRL
-Added Battles by tarotgal
-Added Being Here by deeplyintothis
-Added How Living In Stars Hollow Affected My Life by Symphonyflute
-Added Ice Cold by Niki
-Added Just Allergies My Foot by Niki
-Added Not Everything by deeplyintothis
-Added Observing and Assessing James Wilson MD by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Secrets Kept by Nermal
-Added Strong Silent Types by Niki
-Added Sympathy vs. Empathy by tarotgal
-Added Then and Now by Tina
-Added Vulcan Pride and Human Logic by Gayle
-Added What Friends Are For by nichtgesund
-Added Youthful Mistakes by Niki

March 21st, 2009--

Total New: 19 stories (18 fanfiction, 1 fiction), 1 author

-Added The Boy Who Cried Wolf by tarotgal
-Added BVB's Request 2007 by tarotgal
-Added Cocoon by kangaroo
-Added Faking It by kangaroo
-Added Five Times House took Care of Wilson by midnight_angel_girl
-Added His Own Good by Gayle
-Added Midnight by me211152004
-Added The Nuances of Love and War by deeplyintothis
-Added oneplusone_equals_876's Request 2007 by tarotgal
-Added R & R by tarotgal
-Added Run, Run, As Fast As You Can by me211152004
-Added Saving Face by Niki
-Added silentdreamer789's Request 2007 by tarotgal
-Added Solitary Existence by tarotgal
-Added A Very Sick Werewolf by kangaroo
-Added A Very Uncommon Virus by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw
-Added What Happens When You Stop Caring by Niki
-Added Witch Solution by tarotgal
-Added You Don't Love Me Anymore by Niki

October 22nd, 2008--

Total New: 17 stories (15 fanfiction, 2 fiction), 2 authors

-Added Cat-like by tarotgal
-Added Elevation by Niki
-Added Fame isn't Everything by silentdreamer789
-Added A Horrible Christmas by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw
-Added In the Closet by Tina
-Added Is There a Doctor in the House? by silentdreamer789
-Added Making Amends by Cimorene
-Added Not-So-Silent Reading by VATERGrrl
-Added Nothing to Do But Wait by chaos&creation
-Added Pack Mate by Niki
-Added Ron Penalty Drabble by tarotgal
-Added Rules of Being a Werewolf by Niki
-Added Superhero by Elena Moorwood
-Added Then and Now- Alternate Version by Niki
-Added Untitled 3 by deeplyintothis
-Added Untitled 4 by deeplyintothis
-Added A Valid Excuse by tarotgal

September 13th, 2008--

Total New: 11 stories (fanfiction), 2 authors

-Added A Christmas to Remember by Dawn
-Added Baby's First Sneezefic by Niki
-Added Family by Niki
-Added Gift for TG by oneplusone_equals_876
-Added Identical by tarotgal
-Added Rain, Rain, Go Away by tarotgal
-Added Scottish Hospitality by tarotgal
-Added Teasing Help by Meg
-Added Weakness by Superimmunegirl
-Added Weasleys Stick Together by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw
-Added Wizard Germs by Niki

August 11th, 2008--

Total New: 15 stories (14 fanfiction, 1 fiction), 2 authors

-Added Albus Dumbledore Catches a Cold by Superimmunegirl
-Added And it's Beginning to Snow by Daphi
-Added Appreciation by Cimorene
-Added Fit for Duty by Tina
-Added Maybe by Kat Leaf
-Added Reluctant Blessings by Cimorene
-Added Snowfall by tarotgal
-Added Sometimes There's No Math by Tina
-Added The Thaw by Superimmunegirl
-Added Then and Now by Niki
-Added The Things We Do for Love by froggyredfraggle
-Added The Tracks by Superimmunegirl
-Added Turtles are Not for Cuddling by Daphi
-Added Untitled 2 by deeplyintothis
-Added Voice of Authority by Cimorene

August 10th, 2008--

Total New: 12 stories (11 fanfiction, 1 fiction), 1 author

-Added The Art of Smothering by Niki
-Added Depressed by Niki
-Added Concupiscence by tarotgal
-Added Doctors Get Sick Too by Niki
-Added The First Try by Niki
-Added How Do You Turn Your Eyes by Niki
-Added Morose by Niki
-Added Please? by Niki
-Added The Reaper by Niki
-Added Two Sides of Evil by Niki
-Added Untitled by deeplyintothis
-Added The Way Things Are by Niki

August 4th, 2008--

Total New: 6 stories (6 fanfiction), 2 authors

-Added Aftermath by Elena Moorwood
-Added Three in a Tub by Raven
-Added Escape by tarotgal
-Added Yes Chef by Niki
-Added Telling Vincent by Niki
-Added Live in the Moment by Niki

April 11th, 2007--

Total New: 22 stories (20 fanfiction, 2 fiction)

-Added All You Need is Love by tarotgal
-Added Amused by Tina
-Added Blessings by tma
-Added Burning Up by Niki
-Added Crackpots Like These by Daphi
-Added Call Me Remus by Niki
-Added Five Things that Make a Remus J. Lupin by tarotgal
-Added For Kythe & sneezeadorer by Symphonyflute
-Added For Shadowcast by Symphonyflute
-Added For Tarotgal by Symphonyflute
-Added How Like a Man by Ren
-Added Memories by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw
-Added Overture by Stradiveritas
-Added The Prank by Niki
-Added Realizations by midnight_angel_girl
-Added The Scent of a Screech by Symphonyflute
-Added Shades of Blue by Symphonyflute
-Added Sneezes on Set by Tina
-Added Unexpected Friends by Niki
-Added Untitled by Symphonyflute
-Added Untitled POTC 2 by Symphonyflute

September 27th, 2006--

+Finished edits to all pages and stories
If you see any other code/punctuation/character errors in the stories, let me know!

September 13th, 2006--

+Reorganized the Fanfiction page by fandom (previously alphabetical)
+Began making further corrections to stories with problematic punctuation/characters/code
+Removed dead links from links page

July 20th, 2006--

Total New: 10 stories (8 fanfiction, 2 fiction)

-Added A Friend Like You by Ren
-Added Heart's Desire by Superimmunegirl
-Added Privacy by Superimmunegirl
-Added Seventeen Words by Superimmunegirl
-Added tg's Birthday Ficlet by Symphonyflute
-Added The Big Happy Family by Symphonyflute
-Added A Friend in the Night by Tina
-Added Happy Birthday tarotgal by Tina
-Added Uncle Tom by VATERGrrl
-Added Winter Music by Vignette

July 12th, 2006--

Website relocated to Thank you to our absolutely wonderful, generous, fantastic new host who has given the site enough space and bandwidth and lets us read without pop-up ads!

Mar 5th, 2006--

Total New: 32 stories (26 fanfiction, 6 fiction), 8 authors

-Added No Pets Allowed by Aimee
-Added Working by Aimee
-Added Alone by Chate Noire - New author!
-Added Unsure by Daphi - New author!
-Added The Inconveniences of Being Unique by Gayle
-Added Inventions by Gayle
-Added Noises at the Hearth by gazelladama - New author!
-Added Nowhere But Here by girlwithtulips - New author!
-Added And then She Kissed Him by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Last Peaceful Days by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Newfound Feelings by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Playing Doctor by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Strange Happenings by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Looking for Sympathy in all the Wrong Places by Jinguingirl - New author!
-Added Jake and Diana by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw
-Added It's Diana's Turn by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw
-Added Since Yesterday by Meg
-Added Faking Sick Doesn't Always have its Perks by peppop12007 - New author!
-Added Summer at Bourton by Stradiveritas - New author!
-Added Constant by Superimmunegirl - New author!
-Added Exeunt Beatrice & Benedick by Superimmunegirl - New author!
-Added There's Something About Mary Hathaway by Superimmunegirl - New author!
-Added Cold Defeat by tarotgal
-Added The Healer's Cold by tarotgal
-Added Unlucky Undead by tarotgal
-Added The Night Flight by Tina
-Added Come On by tma
-Added A Day at the Beach (Part 1) by VATERGrrl
-Added Incidental Beach Music (A Day at the Beach Part 2) by VATERGrrl
-Added A Day at the Beach (Part 3) by VATERGrrl
-Added Oxford Blues by Vignette
-Added A Problem Shared by Vignette

February 1st, 2006--

Total New: 16 stories (16 fanfiction), 2 authors
A special thank you to Meg for coding all of these fics!

-Added Cold Play by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added I Will Not Hurt You by jennerferkerr
-Added The Visit by Nermal and Lady Cornflower
-Added The Contest by Rosa - New author!
-Added Fever Dreams by Shadowscast
-Added A Wedding To Remember by Symphonyflute - New author!
-Added Birthday Soup by Tina
-Added Bringing him Back by Tina
-Added The Care Giver by Tina
-Added In the Library by Tina
-Added Returning the Favor by Tina
-Added Trying too Hard by Tina
-Added Without a Single Word by Tina
-Added Quality of Mercy by tma
-Added Silent Night by tma
-Added Full Marks by vignette

August 28th, 2005--

Total New: 25 stories (23 fanfiction, 2 original fiction), 4 authors

-Added A Model Cold by Dusty14 - New author!
-Added A Fireworks by stargazer - New author!
-Added Shifting Interests by Garnet
-Added Success by Gayle
-Added Back Again by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added A Bend in the Road by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added A Friend in Need by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Here with Me by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added How Time Passes by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added More Than That by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Savannah Nights by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Straight A's by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added The Date by iff - New author!
-Added Dont' Feel So Good by jayson
-Added Reap What We Sow by Magictoes11
-Added After the Rain by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Can We Go To Bed Yet? by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Loving You is Never Second Best by midnight_angel_girl
-Added May Day by snuffles
-Added And a Minute by tarotgal
-Added Evaluating by tarotgal
-Added Tiptoe Through the Tulips by tma
-Added Keeping Him Warm by Tina
-Added The Unintended Victim by Tina
-Added Domestic Bliss by vignette - New author!

April 22nd, 2005--

Total New: 6 stories (all fanfiction)

-Added Complications by Aimee
-Added Keeping Shop by Garnet
-Added Above All Else by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Jungle Fever by Meg
-Added Timing is Everything by tarotgal
-Added Just Like Old Times by Tina

April 12th, 2005--

Total New: 19 stories (17 fanfiction, 2 fiction), 1 author, 1 new section

-Added Dark Force Rising by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Nothing At All by Kat Leaf
-Added laughing_newt by laughing_newt - New author!
-Added Best Laid Plans by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Brown Eyes by midnight_angel_girl
-Added The First Time by midnight_angel_girl
-Added I Can't be Your Friend Anymore by midnight_angel_girl
-Added I Sdore Whed I'b Sick by midnight_angel_girl
-Added In Scotland by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Indulgences by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Quidditch Supplies by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Untitled by Ren
-Added When Morning Comes by Ren
-Added Misery Loves Company by tarotgal
-Added A Watched Pot by tarotgal
-Added Old Friends by Tina
-Added Out Sick by Tina
-Added Circle of Care by VATERGrrl
-Added Doctors Make the Worst Patients by VATERGrrl

-Moved the Sneezefic Weekly Hatching site to the archive and created a new submit form for it that seems to be working. Please update your bookmarks! The fics that have been written based on the bunnies have also been archived as there were a number of people interested in that. Apart from that, the hatching pages look generally the same. But please let me know if I've missed any fics in the listing.

February 20th, 2005--

Total New: 5 stories (4 fanfiction, 1 fiction)

-Added Common Scents by Aimee
-Added Unexpected Visitors by Gayle
-Added Only Us by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Untitled by Dojigirl
-Added Untitled by Garnet

January 3rd, 2005--

Total New: 3 authors, 11 stories (10 fanfiction, 1 fiction)

-Added Dirty Tricks by Aimee
-Added Waiting for Her by ellamalaka - New author!
-Added Encouragements by Gayle
-Added Another Thing Needful by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Biting Days by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Stick Together by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Needing You Here by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw - New author!
-Added Grateful by nermal
-Added Colds Cancel Concerts by Silly Sooze - New author!
-Added In The Closet by Snuffles
-Added Bearing Gifts by tarotgal

November 21st, 2004--

Total New: 1 author, 30 stories (14 fanfiction, 16 fiction)

-Added Something in the Air by Aimee
-Added Cake or Death? by Kat Leaf
-Added Remember Me This Way by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Detention and Dustbunnies by jennerferkerr - New author!
-Added The Fight by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Leavin's Not the Only Way to Go | by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Outbreak by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Sanctuary by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Human Frailty by Shadowscast
-Added The Ondarian Virus by tarotgal
-Added The Uncontrollable by tarotgal
-Added A Week's Worth of Visits by tarotgal
-Added After the Moon by Tina
-Added Rainstorms and Relapses by Tina
-Added A Brush with Kindness by VATERGrrl
-Added Lynn's Visit by VATERGrrl
-Added Getting Closer by VATERGrrl
-Added House Call by VATERGrrl
-Added Revelations by VATERGrrl
-Added There's No Place Like Home by VATERGrrl
-Added Off to See the Wizard by VATERGrrl
-Added Treasures Of The Emerald City | by VATERGrrl
-Added Dreams you Dare to Dream by VATERGrrl
-Added Plaid Tidings by VATERGrrl
-Added Sleigh Ride by VATERGrrl
-Added You Give Me Fever by VATERGrrl
-Added Cookies and Care by VATERGrrl
-Added Conversations and Confessions by VATERGrrl
-Added Competition and Camaraderie by VATERGrrl
-Added Make the Yuletide Gay by VATERGrrl

November 3rd, 2004--

Total New: 3 authors, 22 stories (21 fanfiction, 1 fiction)

-Added Cats and Monks by Aimee
-Added Evil Cold by Aimee
-Added Fair Play by Gayle
-Added Beauty and the Beast by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Cold by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Flowers by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Fly by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Midnight by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Finding Ourselves by me211152004 - New author!
-Added Undefeated by me211152004 - New author!
-Added The Dinner by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Love Lessons by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Lupuloi by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Study Break by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Untitled by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Satisfied by nermal
-Added Rain by obtuse_dream
-Added Sharing by philosophical_ranger
-Added Companions by Ren - New author!
-Added Comfort of a Friend by Tina - New author!
-Added Missing the Festival by Tina - New author!
-Added Take One for the Team by Tina - New author!

September 23rd, 2004--

Total New: 2 authors, 6 stories (4 fanfiction, 2 fiction)

-Added Medicine Miseries by Beth C
-Added Misery Loves Company by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Surprising Solice by midnight_angel_girl
-Added Five Days (That Wesley Never Lived and One He Did) by nermal
-Added The Wonders of Television by philosophical_ranger - New author!
-Added Strangers In A Strange Land by tma - New author!

September 6th, 2004--

Total New: 5 stories (all fanfiction)

-Added Beyond Blossoms and Blessings by Beth C
-Added Unintended Consequences by Shadowcast
-Added The Last by tarotgal
-Added To the Ship by tarotgal
-Added Unexpected Circumstances by tarotgal

September 1st, 2004--

Total New: 3 authors, 12 stories (all fanfiction)

-Added Just a Slight Allergy by delirium - New author!
-Added Emotion Armour by Dojigirl
-Added Untitled by Dojigirl
-Added Always and Always by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Wake Up by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added What Goes Around by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Comfort Food by Meg - New author!
-Added When to Fold Them by Meg - New author!
-Added Cute by Mewling - New author!
-Added Mindful by Nermal
-Added Cigs by obtuse_dream
-Added The Commissioner's Office by obtuse_dream

August 17th, 2004--

Total New: 6 authors, 35 stories (33 fanfics, 2 fiction)

-Added Doggone Loud Sneeze by gonnasneeze2000 - New author!
-Added My Love, My Life by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Sparkling Diamonds by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Sword Practice by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added The Scientific Method by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added The Time of Your Life by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Under the Cherry Blossom Tree by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added You Loved Me Still The Same by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Mine by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added That's What Friends Are For by midnight_angel_girl - New author!
-Added It Is Only With the Heart by midnight_angel_girl - New author!
-Added It Is the Time You Have Spent by midnight_angel_girl - New author!
-Added Sick Day by midnight_angel_girl - New author!
-Added Untitled (Spiderman) by midnight_angel_girl - New author!
-Added Untitled (Princess Diaries) by midnight_angel_girl - New author!
-Added Kitten by nermal
-Added All Right by nermal
-Added Itch by obtuse_dream - New author!
-Added Pup & Dragon by obtuse_dream - New author!
-Added Sacrilege by shadowcast - New author!
-Added Owling At The Moon by sharondownonthefarm - New author!
-Added The Art of Losing by sharondownonthefarm - New author!
-Added The Poisoner's Lament by sharondownonthefarm - New author!
-Added Beginning to Drift by silverelf
-Added Calling by tarotgal
-Added Dreams by tarotgal
-Added Healing by tarotgal
-Added Homecoming by tarotgal
-Added Last Messages by tarotgal
-Added Reception by tarotgal
-Added Sneezing Sweets by tarotgal
-Added Stranded by tarotgal
-Added Through The Night by tarotgal
-Added Under The Weather by tarotgal
-Added The Interview by VATERGrrl - New author!

tarotgal took over managing the archive for snowshie on August 15, 2004. I (tarotgal speaking now) hope the transition goes smoothly and hope I can at least in part live up to snowshie's wonderful example as an archivist. Currently I'm looking into the various archive scripts to make the job easier on us all. I am always happy to find help from people who want to code their own or others' fics. And please let me know if there is a problem with your author page, fic, etc. I'm new at this ;-)

August 13th, 2004--

I wanted to send out a plea: even with tarotgal helping with the coding, I no longer have the time or inclination to maintain the archive. If anyone wants to take over, or is willing to host it on a server than can support either the Automated Archive or eFiction scripts (and has the knowledge to install/use them), please email me and let me know. Otherwise, any and all stories will be available at the yahoo!group - all messages are available whether or not you're a member.

As for the rest of the stories I'd planned to add this update, I simply don't have the time to manually add them all. They have been coded, so they'll be listed on the recent additions page and left at that. Sorry, all.


July 30th, 2004--

-Added Fireworks by Gayle.
-Added The Sick and the Stubborn by Aimee - New author!
-Added Chocobo Feathers by Aimee - New author!
-Added Untitled by jayson - New author!
-Added Untitled 2 by jayson - New author!
-Added Sniffles by XStar MysticX.
-Added Allergies 2 by XStar MysticX.
-Added Bo's Budding Blossoms by Beth C - New author!
-Added Tastes by Kat Leaf.
-Added A Day Off by Hermione.
-Added Dreams by Hermione.
-Added Forever and a Day by Hermione.
-Added Forgiveness by Hermione.
-Added Hungry Eyes by Hermione.
-Added I Want To Be With You by Hermione.
-Added Just A Little Luck by Hermione.

May 6th, 2004--

Ah, the anniversary update. The archive is now three years old. Go us! ;)

-Added Someone Saved My LIfe Tonight by anakins_chick457
-Added Allergies by XStar MysticX - New author!
-Added As You Are by LadyMiriamele - New author!
-Added The Benefits of Being a Fire Demon by LadyMiriamele - New author!
-Added The Perfect Vacation by Gayle
-Added In The Darkness Bind Them - Book One by Katlyn Egan - New author!
-Added Around the World by bryanfan - New author!
-Added Portrait by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added Reflections by Hermione Eveningfall
-Added I Want Tomorrow by Hermione Eveningfall and Silverelf

February 3rd, 2004--

First update of the new year! If you haven't done so already, go and check out the wonderful Christmas Challenge - there was a brilliant turn out, so be sure to check it out!

-Added Strong to Save by Hermione Eveningfall - New author!
-Added Crying Wolf by tarotgal
-Added Snuggles and Some Seriousness by tarotgal
-Added After the Rain by Magic Toes 11

100 stories now archived!

November 19th, 2003--

- Added Love and Lightheartedness by tarotgal
- Added Attempts at Comforting by tarotgal
- Added Searching in Vain by tarotgal
- Added A New Home by tarotgal
- Added Kindness' Consequences by Gayle
- Added Returning Favours by Aewyn - New author!
- Added My Little Ani by anakins_chick457 - New author!
- General site maintanence. Most everything has been updated.

The site has moved! Please update your bookmarks. There is also a new layout, and huge thanks to tarotgal who's helping with the coding. Yay!

October 7th, 2003 --

> Added :: Mad Season by Magic Toes 11
> Added :: On A Day Like This by Gayle - New author!
> Added :: Viewpoints by Gayle

> Added :: Afternoon Tea by Nermal
> Added :: Useful by Nermal
> Added :: Untitled 2 by Garnet
> Added :: Blackout by Liberty Belle
> Added :: Checking Up by Liberty Belle
> Added :: Profumo d'una Donna by Liberty Belle
> Added :: Settling by tarotgal
> Added :: Giving by tarotgal
> Added :: A Pirate's Night by tarotgal
> Added :: Blacksmiths, Bravery and Benevolence by tarotgal
> Added :: Promises by tarotgal
> Added :: Not Far Behind by tarotgal
> Added :: Growing Up A Little by tarotgal
> Added :: Sleeping Arrangements by tarotgal
> Added :: The Light by tarotgal
> Added :: Elf-Sharing by tarotgal

September 5th, 2003 --

And the updating process begins. Slowly. Very slowly. I've just started coding, so the only thing to show for now is that the links page has been updated. Basically, this is just to let everyone know that the archive is not dead, and will be updated with several new fics in the coming months. I'd also like to reissue my cry for help. Anyone who knows how to use Word, and is willing to help out, please contact me. You will have my eternal gratitude.

July 13th, 2003 --

Just a quick note on updates: unless I can get some coding help, the archive will be on a summer hiatus due to RL. So if you're in need of a sneezefic fix and fast, just check out the group home. You don't need to be a member to access the message archive. :) Cheers, and I'll see everyone again in the fall.

May 20th, 2003 --

> Added :: Freesia Dreams by Magic Toes 11
> Added :: Rain by Silver Elf - New author!
> Added :: Turnabout by tarotgal
> Added :: Strawberries by tarotgal

May 06th, 2003 --

> New layout for the archive's two year anniversary!
> General site maintanence.
> Added :: Cherishing by tarotgal
> Added :: Storytelling by tarotgal
> Added :: A Lesson Learned by tarotgal
> Added :: The Intermediary by tarotgal
> Added :: Too Much of Nothing by traprose
> Added :: One Man's Mission by Magic Toes 11
> Added :: Gentian Rain by Magic Toes 11

A very big thank you to all the authors who have lent their support, and helped out in any way they could. It's been very much appreciated.

March 16th, 2003 --

> Added :: Snow Day by nermal
> Added :: Dustbunnies by Magic Toes 11
> Added :: Aconite and Pudding by Magic Toes 11
> Added :: Journeying by tarotgal
> Added :: Brands of Healing by tarotgal
> Added :: Refuge from the Cold by tarotgal

Please note the change in archive policy: I will no longer be archiving W.I.P.s, however this will not affect the W.I.P.s already archived. To read unfinished stories, you can always find them at the list homepage.

January 26th, 2003 --

> Added :: You're All That's Left to Hold On To by nermal
> Added :: A Cat Called Karma by magictoes11
> Added :: Resting by AmC -
New author!
> Added :: More Than Just the Fever by AmC
> Added :: Consequences by AmC
> Added :: Mischief by tarotgal
> Added :: Romance by tarotgal
> Added :: Recovery by tarotgal
> Added :: Dark Eyes by tarotgal
> Added :: Untitled by Garnet -
New author!
> Added :: Taken by Sneezefreak -
New author!
> Added :: Love Sickness by Paulie
> Added :: The River by Paulie
> General site maintanence
> New feature: search engine now available
> New feature: Beta Readers list now available on the site info page.

HELP WANTED: A few people willing to help code 'fics, (straight html, nothing fancy) and a few people willing to scout out male-oriented fanfic within the community. Please contact snowshie if you are interested in helping out.

Email the archivist with any problems you may have.