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Tarot of Sneezing: one of the oldest and largest sneeze fetish site online, if you haven't been there, you're seriously missing out.

Sneezefetishforum.org: Should say it all. A large central discussion forum.

Bondi's Wav Page: Bondi does a wonderful job of housing many varied wavs and sound clips of both male and female sneezes. Check it out, or submit your own!

tarotgal's Realm: TG keeps her own personal fanwork here, as well as lots of other goodies like a large collection of TV and movie wavs, and video clips.

Candle & Sphinx: Nermal's personal website/archive, featuring sneezy fanfiction in Star Wars, Harry Potter and Buffy fandoms to name a few.

Featherdust: Magic Toes 11's personal website/archive, featuring sneezy fanfiction in Harry Potter, and Weiss Kreuz fandoms among others.

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